Brutally Effective Glass Cleaning Robot Plaza Pelangi

hobot-268-1No routine family job is protected with household robotics increasingly becoming typical! Although robot vacuums just like the Roomba have almost outsourced vacuuming’s idea, the Hobot software window solution aims to equally automate window washing for computer- friendly owners.

Yes, a clearly defined issue is solved by the Hobot theoretically, but does the technology live up to the promise? Just like any household robotic, the proof is in the setup. In this Hobot evaluation I will look at the very best attributes along with the good qualities and disadvantages of Hobot 268

Developed and created by HOBOT Technology Inc., the Hobot promises to automate window washing’s occasionally harmful and tedious process. For business people or home owners with large – hard to accomplish – windows, this is actually the answer to an obvious problem. Whether you’re looking to clean glass surfaces that have not been cleaned in decades or planning to conserve charges on window-cleaning, the Hobot offers a case that is convincing. Similarly, if you have real constraints, the Hobot is an answer that is clear.


Effective Cleaning Process: the Hobot’s primary is just an exclusive 3- level washing process. Basically replicating window washing by hand’s process, beginning with vacuuming out the dirt and eliminate toxins from your exterior, and the micro fibre cloth wipes off the remaining dust for a glass that is clean.thumbnail-nV9Qfk

Works on Multi Surface: The Hobot 268 works on the high volume, centrifugal pump which does not reduce its pressure easily-even if you have a small leakage; it can move nicely on unique surfaces including: screen film, protection foil, coating glass, expression glass, personalized glass, difficult glass and sometimes even tile.

Automatic Cleaning Way: the top aspect in regards to the Hobot is that it’ll auto-navigate for the best cleanup path on a unique windowpane utilizing laser technology that is patented. The robot goes in two directions which is able whilst it freely operates on frameless windows to gauge elevation and the length.

Fast Cleaning:Two caterpillar treads are attached with the Hobot 268 which are fast to maneuver at s that is 12cm, cleaning 1 sqm in only 2.4mins

High Reliability Style: a car- flexible pneumatic pad retains the force between caterpillar treads and washing cloth compared and immediately handles the driving power, consequently extremely filthy glass surface make it slippery and does not affect of washing the whole screen Hobot 268 activity.

Anti- falling: this indicates dangerous to have an expensive unit such as this just attached with the screen via suction, but this feature is amazingly impressive. Though I did so nÕt have the abdomen to check out the boundaries of it on my third story condo, I had been advised the software comes with an embedded advantages (un interrupted Power Program) that will stop the software from falling while there is no energy source. I do believe I am likely to try-out over a higher ground, but needless to say having its high strength safety rope (150 Kgf).

Real Time Error Numbers: Thankfully, the Hobot shows realtime error messages on the display interface of the device. This saves plenty of headache diagnosing and troubleshooting issues. A sequence of blinking lamps indicates the device’s status. An alarm may sound, when there is an issue along with place will be stopped in by the unit.

Benefits – Issues I Liked

1-Touch Cleaning: whilst not often as basic as set-it and overlook it, the Hobot is very close to a whole handsfree option. This can be a substantial moment and cost-saver particularly when you have lots of hard to reach corners and glass realestate.

4-Quiet Operation: I was at how quiet these devices was amazed. On the exterior of the glass it had been almost imperceptible to my hearing inside. I was originally worried that it may add to the noise pollution.hobot-268-2

2-Good Security Precautions: by having an expense of this measurement, the last issue you need is the new system falling-off the side of one’s framework. While it looks counterintuitive, the Hobot suction floor and stability leash are enough to secure your expense.

3-Remote Control Option: If the device has to clear an especially filthy place or gets stuck, you are able to physically handle the Hobot having a remote control that comes included with these devices. That is an excellent backup that I came across useful, specifically for sides of windows that had not been washed in some time, as the engineering is not usually great.

What to improve

Still Exercising the Kinks: The Hobot is about an 80% solution. Like the Roombas, the Hobot keeps strengthening with each version.

The Hobot-268 is actually for automating window-cleaning a worthy investment. Nevertheless, if you are considering a screen cleaner that is robotic, it is likely that that you involve some hard to reach windows or glass which may not normally be cleaned. Or you just desire to save-all the risky and boring work towards the software. If so, the Hobot-268 is definitely worth the expenditure.

Anyhow, there is not matter that is much with Hobot 268. Offered its exceptional performance, my watch is, Hobot 268 happens to be the top window cleaning robot available in the market.hobot-268-3

Where you can Choose The Hobot

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