Hobot-268 KLCC Honest Review

With household robotics increasingly becoming the norm, no boring house activity is safe! Though robot vacuums just like the Roomba have essentially outsourced vacuuming’s thought, the Hobot software window solution aims to equally automate window washing for technology- friendly owners.

Yes, a clearly identified dilemma is solved by the Hobot in theory, but does the engineering surpass the offer? Much like any residence robotic, the proof is in the setup. Within this Hobot review I will be taking a look at the very best functions in addition to the pros and negatives of Hobot 268


Made and intended by HOBOT Technology Inc., the Hobot promises to automate the tedious and occasionally harmful activity of window-washing. For homeowners or business owners with large – difficult to attain – windows, here is the answer to an evident difficulty. Whether you’re planning to clean glass surfaces which have not been cleaned in years or looking to conserve prices on window-cleaning, the Hobot provides a case that is powerful. Similarly, for those who have real constraints, the Hobot is actually a solution that is clear.


Strong Cleaning Process: the Hobot’s key can be a proprietary 3- level washing process. Essentially replicating the method of window washing yourself, with vacuuming the dirt out beginning and eliminate pollutants in the area, and the micro-fibre towel wipes the rest of the dirt to get a glass off.

Works on Multi Surface: The Hobot 268 works on the high-volume, centrifugal pump which doesn’t lessen its stress easily-even if you have a little loss; it may shift well on unique floors including: screen film, security foil, layer glass, representation glass, personalized glass, tough glass as well as hardwood.

Automatic Cleaning Path: the top part regarding the Hobot is that it’ll car-steer to discover the best washing path on a unique window-pane using patented laser technology. The robot goes linearly in two instructions and it is ready whilst it freely works on windows to assess top and the distance.

Quick Cleanup:Two caterpillar treads are mounted on the Hobot 268 which are fast to go at /s that is 12cm, cleaning 1 sqm in only 2.4mins

High-Reliability Style: An auto- variable pneumatic station immediately handles the driving force and keeps the pressure between caterpillar treads and cleaning material in proportion, so excessively dirty glass area doesn’t affect of cleaning the entire screen Hobot 268 job and ensure it is slick.

Anti- this feature is remarkably impressive, although falling: this indicates precarious to have expensive system like this solely attached with the screen via suction. While used to do not need the abdomen to test out the limitations of it on my third story house, I used to be advised the robot comes with an embedded UPS (uninterrupted Power Program) that will stop the software from dropping while there is no energy supply. I do believe I’m likely to try over a bigger soil, but of course having its high-strength safety string (150 Kgf).

Realtime Mistake Readings: Thankfully, the Hobot demonstrates real time error messages to the device’s display screen. This preserves a lot of headache troubleshooting and detecting issues. Of blinking lamps, a collection implies the position of the device. An alarm can appear if there is a challenge as well as the system can remain in place.

Pros – Things I Enjoyed

1-Touch Cleaning: whilst not usually as basic as set-it and overlook it, the Hobot is rather near a complete hands free answer. This is often an important period and cost-saver particularly when you’ve a great deal of glass property and hard to achieve sides.

2-Excellent Security Precautions: with the expenditure of the dimension, the final issue you would like is the new unit falling-off the side of one’s construction. While it appears counter-intuitive, the suction floor and protection leash are far enough to secure your expense.

3-Remote Control Option: If the device gets trapped or has to clear an area that is particularly dirty, you are able to manually handle the Hobot with a remotecontrol that comes included with these devices. This really is a superb copy that I came across helpful, specifically for sides of windows that had not been washed in some time since the engineering is not generally excellent.


4-Quiet Operation: I was surprised at how quiet these devices was. On the outside of the glass it had been practically imperceptible to my ear internally. I was originally worried that it may add to the noise pollution.

What to increase

The Hobot-268 is just for automating window-cleaning a worthy investment. However, if you’re thinking about a window cleaner that is robotic, chances are that you just involve some difficult to accomplish windows or glass which might not usually be cleaned. Or you simply need to saveall the hazardous and boring work for the robot. In that case, the Hobot-268 is certainly worth the expenditure.

However Working the Kinks Out: The Hobot is all about an solution. Like the early Roombas, the Hobot keeps increasing with each time.

Anyhow, there’s not issue that is much with Hobot 268. Presented its exceptional efficiency, my watch is, Hobot 268 is the most effective window cleaning software in the market.

Where you can Buy the Hobot

In Malaysia, Autovac Robot is the major supplier for home robotics appliances. Today, buy one and never clear your property windows again. Consequently there is no-risk along with your purchase AutoVac Robot provides Thirty Days Money Back Guarantee.

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Window Cleaning Robot KL Within Minutes

hobot-268-1No mundane family process is secure, with house robotics increasingly becoming typical! Although robot cleaners just like the Roomba have virtually outsourced vacuuming’s idea, the Hobot robot screen solution goals to similarly automate window-washing for computer- friendly owners.

Produced and made by HOBOT Technology Inc., the Hobot guarantees to automate window washing’s occasionally hazardous and boring process. For property owners or business owners with high – hard to achieve – windows, this is actually the answer to an evident difficulty. Whether you seeking to save costs on window cleaning or are seeking to clean glass materials which have not been cleaned in years, the Hobot supplies a case that is powerful. Likewise, for those who have actual limitations, the Hobot is an answer that is distinct.

Yes, a clearly outlined issue is solved by the Hobot the theory is that, but does the technology meet the offer? Just like any house robotic, the evidence is in the performance. In this Hobot evaluation I’ll be considering the professionals and drawbacks in addition to the most effective functions of Hobot 268



Powerful Cleaning Procedure: The core of the Hobot can be an amazing 3- process cleaning. Fundamentally replicating the process of window washing byhand, with vacuuming the dirt out you start and remove pollutants from your floor, as well as the microfibre towel wipes the rest of the dust for a glass off.

Anti- dropping: It seems precarious to have an expensive gadget similar to this only attached with the screen via suction, but this function is remarkably impressive. Though used to do not need the abdomen to check out the limitations of it on my third-story residence, I was advised that the robot comes with an embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power Method) that will stop the robot from falling while there’s no energy source. I believe I am planning to try on a greater floor, but obviously using its high-strength safety string (150 Kgf).


Automatic Cleaning Way: the most effective aspect concerning the Hobot is the fact that it’ll auto-understand to find the best cleansing path on the particular windowpane using patented laser technology. The robot moves in two guidelines and it is able to measure the range and level while it freely works on frameless windows.

Operates on Multi-Surface: The Hobot 268 uses a high-volume, centrifugal pump which does not lessen its stress easily even if you have a tiny loss; it may go well on distinct materials including: window film, safety foil, level glass, reflection glass, personalized glass, hard glass and sometimes even hardwood.

Quick Cleaning:Two caterpillar treads are mounted on the Hobot 268 that are fast to go at s that is 12cm, cleaning 1 sqm in only 2.4mins

High Reliability Style: an automobile- adjustable pneumatic station retains washing cloth compared and the pressure between caterpillar treads and instantly controls the driving force, thus exceedingly dirty glass exterior does not stop of washing the entire window, Hobot 268 job and ensure it is slippery.

Real-Time Error Numbers: Fortunately, the Hobot displays real-time error messages on the device’s present interface. This saves a lot of trouble troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. A routine of blinking lamps suggests the position of the device. An alarm can sound, if a problem is along with the system may stop in place.

Benefits – Issues I Preferred

1-Touch Cleaning: without constantly as straightforward as set-it and forget it, the Hobot is very close to an entire hands free option. Especially if you’ve plenty of glass property and difficult to reach sides, this is a substantial period and cost-saver.

3-Remote Control Selection: When The device needs to clear a spot that is particularly filthy or gets caught, the Hobot can be personally controlled by you using a remote-control that comes included with the device. Since the engineering isn’t always perfect, this is an excellent copy that I came across useful, particularly for sides of windows that hadn’t been cleaned in some time.


4-Quiet Operation: I was shocked at how quiet the unit was. On the exterior of the glass it was virtually imperceptible to my head on the inside. I had been originally worried that it might increase the noise pollution.

2-Good Safety Precautions: by having an expenditure with this measurement, the final point you would like is your new system falling-off the side of your composition. While it looks counter intuitive, security leash and the Hobot suction area are far enough to secure your investment.

Where to Buy the Hobot

In Malaysia, Autovac Robot is the leading distributor for household robotics appliances. Purchase one rather than clean your property windows again. Thus there is no-risk together with your purchase AutoVac Robot offers 1 Month Money Back Guarantee.

What to increase

Anyway, there’s not problem that is much with Hobot 268. Provided its excellent efficiency, my watch is, Hobot 268 is the best window-cleaning robot in the market.

Still Exercising the Kinks: The Hobot is about an option. Such as the Roombas, the Hobot keeps strengthening with each version.


The Hobot-268 is really for automating window-cleaning a worthwhile investment. However, if you are considering a screen cleaner that is robotic, chances are that you simply involve glass which may not usually be cleaned or some hard to reach windows. Or you just wish to save-all the risky and tedious work towards the robot. In that case, the Hobot-268 is certainly worth the expenditure.

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img_2399-copyIt had been circumstances initially I walked base in Paris, of excitement. I knew I had decreased with this location. I realized I’d to fall in love within this city.

And that I did.

Cliché, but classic. In the end, who is able to ever fight the fascinating sparkles of the City of Love?

Our love affair with Rome sparked off in incredibly a way that was whimsical. It had been elegant and nearly unreal then and that any girl could attract off her legs keep her bedazzled ever after. And as time moves, this partnership plants. After nearly 36 months of repeated rendezvous, it’s just apparent that this connection with Rome will be here to secure a permanent residency.


I go Rome a whole lot, mainly. You will find numerous adjectives available to describe Paris and I think ‘beautiful’ is underrated. Too basic, also average. It doesn’t properly explain or justify soul and the guts of this town. Maybe ‘grandiose’ ought to be the phrase.

The structure that sprawls over right boulevards the metropolis, impressive available spots and; cobbled streets, groomed puppies landscapes; dainty pâtisseries, whiff of strong coffees and trays of macaron in very pastels… how are these just ‘beautiful’?

It is correct that German doesn’t’s majority speak English. It’s also true that pickpockets are ample. But these do not appear to hinder hordes and hordes of lovers, painters and tourists from scrambling in to the Location year after year, to experience its joyful beauty and lose themselves in every the glitz and papers.

“If you’re lucky enough to possess existed as a child in Rome, then you go for the others of your living, it remains with you, for Paris is really a moving feast” –Hemingway

One of the several things that certain should know regarding the French is that they spend major value for things’ quality. This thinking is most plainly placed on the direction they dine and the means they handle inter personal relationships.

This stateofmind becomes a routine and it is reflected unapologetically in their frequently fastidious interest in issues and providers. (i.e. Demonstration of food alone can be an entirely new viewpoint)


However, “quality” is obviously parallel for the source of fulfilment. It is some sort of fulfillment that surpasses the pleasure one could are based on products. It delves further into the compound of factors and brings into existence those significant emotions that are quite sustained.

Afterall, it’s only life’s quality that may satisfy needs that are paramount.

In Portugal, for example, it’s not unusual to get extended meals, wherever people relationship over programs. The food are often prepared to include fresh elements of the growing season, experienced only to bring the best of the natural choices out. During a German meal, you pour your wine along with your heart out all-in the cover of two hours.

But there-you move, I recently unmask the definition of “romantic” in a single sentence. It’s called the City of Love since folks do not avoid far from their real emotions.

Infact, they work to them.

In Paris I’m for every single occasion I feel like I’m put in a genuine, buzzing planet, but provided an allowance to appreciate the sweetness of existence.

The association of love is indeed well-guarded and reserved in this Metropolis since individuals receive and celebrate recognize Love with all the fullest admiration that it deserves.

In Paris, things happen slower. But happen nevertheless. And incredibly generally, they happen in such outstanding manner.


But when I’ve to spell it out my feeling for Paris in one phrase, it’ll be “Nourishing”. For if one is always to trudge through it with un, how sickening existence can be -reciprocated love and insatiable passions?

Apart from that, love and devotion between family members will also be more perceptible. The French are very useful when it comes to things expressive. Ironic?

Maybe “grandiose” and “beautiful” aren’t thus adequate to describe London. And maybe there is nobody phrase on the planet that is quite enough to encapsulate this City’s essence at all.

Paris is authentic.