Window Cleaning Robot Malaysia Sarawak Jawdropping Rebate

hobot-268-3With home robotics becoming increasingly standard, no routine family undertaking is protected! Although software vacuums such as the Roomba have almost outsourced the concept of cleaning, the Hobot software screen solution goals to likewise automate window-washing for technology- friendly owners.

Produced and created by HOBOT Technology Inc., the Hobot claims to automate the boring and sometimes harmful process of window washing. For home owners or business owners with high – hard to reach – windows, here is the answer to a clear issue. Whether you planning to save prices on window cleaning or are currently planning to clean glass areas which have not been cleaned in decades, the Hobot supplies a convincing case. Equally, for those who have real constraints, the Hobot is a clear answer.

Yes, the Hobot the theory is that covers a clearly explained difficulty, but does the technology meet the assurance? Much like any residence robotic, the evidence is inside the execution. Within this Hobot review I will look at the professionals and negatives in addition to the most effective capabilities of Hobot 268


Strong Cleaning Approach: The core of the Hobot is just an exclusive 3- process cleaning. Basically replicating window-washing by hand’s procedure, with cleaning the dirt out beginning and remove impurities in the exterior, along with the micro fibre towel wipes the rest of the dust for a glass that is clean off.

Anti- falling: this indicates risky to have expensive system similar to this simply attached to the screen via suction, but this feature is amazingly impressive. Although I did so not have the belly to try out the boundaries of it on my third story house, I used to be instructed that the software comes with an embedded advantages (Un-interrupted Power Program) that’ll avoid the software from dropping while there is no energy source. I do believe I am planning to try on the higher soil, but ofcourse using its high-strength security string (150 Kgf).thumbnail-nV9Qfk.png

Operates on Multi Surface: The Hobot 268 works on the high volume, centrifugal pump which doesn’t lower its force easily even if you have a tiny leakage; it can go properly on unique surfaces such as: window picture, protection foil, finish glass, manifestation glass, engraved glass, tough glass and sometimes even tile.

Computerized Cleaning Way: The best part in regards to the Hobot is the fact that it’ll auto-understand to find the best cleansing path on the particular window-pane using laser technology that is complex. The software moves in two instructions and it’s also capable while it freely works on windows to gauge elevation and the distance.

Rapid Cleanup:Two caterpillar treads are attached to the Hobot 268 that are fast to move at /s that is 12cm, cleaning 1 sqm in only 2.4mins

High-Reliability Style: An auto- variable pneumatic station instantly controls the driving power and maintains the pressure between caterpillar treads and washing material compared, consequently exceedingly dirty glass floor doesn’t disrupt Hobot 268 undertaking of cleaning the complete screen and make it smooth.

Real-Time Problem Parts: Thankfully, the Hobot exhibits real-time error messages about the present interface of these devices. This saves lots of inconvenience troubleshooting and diagnosing issues. Of blinking lamps a sequence suggests the standing of these devices. An alarm may sound, if a challenge is as well as position will be stopped in by the device.

Pros – Things I Preferred

1-Touch Cleaning: without generally as simple as set-it and overlook it, the Hobot is very near a complete hands-free option. Particularly if you have a lot of glass property and hard to reach corners, this can be an important moment and cost-saver.

2-Good Security Precautions: using an investment of the dimension, the last point you would like can be your new device falling off the structure’s medial side. Whilst it seems counter-intuitive, the suction area and security leash tend to be enough to secure your investment.hobot-268-1-1

3-Remote Control Solution: If the device gets trapped or must clear a location that is particularly filthy, the Hobot can be manually controlled by you with a handheld remote control that comes incorporated with the unit. This really is a fantastic backup that I came across helpful, specifically for corners of windows that hadn’t been cleaned in a while since the engineering is not generally excellent.

4-Quiet Operation: I was at how quiet the unit was stunned. Externally of the glass it was practically imperceptible to my ear inside. I was initially worried that it may increase the noise pollution.

Where to Buy the Hobot

In Malaysia, Autovac Robot will be the top provider for home robotics appliances. Get one today and never clear your property windows again. So there is no risk together with your purchase AutoVac Bot offers 1 Month Cash Back Guarantee.

What to improve

However Working-Out the Kinks: The Hobot is all about an 80% solution. Just like the Roombas, the Hobot keeps strengthening with each technology.

The Hobot-268 is a suitable investment for automating window cleaning. Nevertheless, if you should be interested in a robotic screen cleaner, it is likely that that you possess some difficult to reach windows or glass which might not usually be cleaned. Or you just need to save-all the harmful and boring work for the robot. If so, the Hobot-268 is unquestionably worth the expenditure.

Anyhow, there is not much matter with Hobot 268. Offered its outstanding performance, my watch is, Hobot 268 happens to be the very best window-cleaning software in the market.hobot-268-1

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