Awesome Window Cleaning Robot KOMTAR Complex Discount

No boring household job is safe with house robotics increasingly becoming standard! Although software vacuums such as the Roomba have essentially outsourced the idea of cleaning, the Hobot robot screen cleaner aims to likewise automate window washing for tech- friendly owners.

Created and developed by HOBOT Technology Inc., the Hobot claims to automate the sometimes dangerous and boring activity of window-washing. For homeowners or business owners with high – difficult to reach – windows, here is the response to an obvious difficulty. Whether you are looking to clean glass materials which have not been cleaned in decades or seeking to conserve prices on window-cleaning, the Hobot offers a powerful case. Likewise, for those who have real disadvantages, the Hobot is actually a distinct option.


Yes, a clearly explained challenge is solved by the Hobot in theory, but does the technology meet the promise? As with any household automatic, the proof is within the performance. Within this Hobot review I will look at the good qualities and cons as well as the very best characteristics of Hobot 268

Top Features of the Hobot 268

Strong Cleaning Approach: the Hobot’s primary is just a private 3- stage washing process. Fundamentally replicating the method of window-washing by-hand, with cleaning the dust out you start and eliminate toxins from the surface, as well as the micro-fibre cloth wipes off the rest of the dirt for a glass.

Performs on Multi-Surface: The Hobot 268 runs on the high volume, centrifugal pump which does not lessen its strain easily-even when there is a tiny loss; it might go effectively on different surfaces such as for example: window movie, protection foil, level glass, reflection glass, engraved glass, tough glass as well as hardwood.

Fast Washing:Two caterpillar treads are attached to the Hobot 268 that are swift to go at 12cm/ s, cleaning 1 sqm in just 2.4mins

High-Reliability Style: a car- variable pneumatic pad instantly controls the driving pressure and maintains the pressure between caterpillar treads and washing towel in proportion, therefore exceedingly filthy glass area doesn’t disturb Hobot 268 job of cleaning the entire screen and ensure it is slick.

Anti- falling: it appears rocky with an expensive device similar to this solely attached to the window via suction, but this characteristic is incredibly impressive. While I did so not need the belly to check out the restrictions of it on my third-story residence, I used to be advised that the robot comes with an embedded advantages (Un-interrupted Power Program) that will avoid the robot from slipping while there’s no electric power source. I do believe I am planning to try-out on the greater surface, but needless to say with its high strength protection string (150 Kgf).


Automated Cleaning Way: the very best part in regards to the Hobot is that it will auto-understand to find the best cleansing path on the distinct windowpane using complex laser technology. The software goes linearly in two recommendations which is ready while it openly operates on frameless windows to gauge height and the distance.

Real Time Error Parts: Luckily, the Hobot displays real-time error messages about the device’s screen screen. This preserves a great deal of inconvenience diagnosing and troubleshooting issues. Of blinking lamps a string shows the position of these devices. An alarm will appear if a challenge is and also position will be stopped in by the system.

Pros – Issues I Preferred

1-Touch Cleaning: without constantly as basic as set-it and forget it, the Hobot is very close to a complete hands-free option. This is often an important occasion and cost-saver particularly when you have plenty of glass realestate and difficult to achieve corners.

2-Superior Security Precautions: with the expense of this dimension, the final point you need can be your new device falling off the medial side of your construction. While it seems counter intuitive, the suction area and security leash are enough to secure your investment.

4-Quiet Operation: I was astonished at how peaceful the unit was. On the exterior of the glass it was essentially imperceptible to my head inside. I had been initially worried that it could add to the noise pollution.

3-Remote Control Solution: If the device gets stuck or needs to clean a place that is particularly filthy, the Hobot can be personally controlled by you using a remote control that comes included with these devices. That is an excellent copy that I found helpful, particularly for sides of windows that hadn’t been cleaned in a little while as the technology is not usually great.

Where you can Purchase The Hobot

In Malaysia, Autovac Robot may be the leading vendor for home robotics devices. Today obtain one rather than clean your home windows. Consequently there is no risk together with your purchase, AutoVac Bot provides a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


Things to increase

However Working-Out the Kinks: The Hobot is about an 80% solution. Just like the Roombas, the Hobot keeps improving with each version.

The Hobot-268 can be for automating window cleaning a worthwhile expense. Nevertheless, should you be enthusiastic about a robotic screen cleaner, chances are that you simply involve some difficult to attain windows or glass which may not otherwise be washed. Or you simply wish to save-all the dangerous and boring work towards the robot. If so, the Hobot-268 is unquestionably worth the investment.

Anyhow, there’s not concern that is much with Hobot 268. Granted its fantastic performance, my view is, Hobot 268 is the very best window cleaning robot in the market.

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